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Keurig for Babies?!

Keurig for Babies?!

Anyone who formula feeds their child (even if its used to supplement breast milk occasionally) knows what a pain in the a** fumbling with powder and water in the middle of the night (or any time of day)! To be completely honest with you I have been using ready to feed formula, even at home because it’s so convenientWhatever makes life easier; however ready to feed formula isn’t realistic for everyone especially on a budget! So I started doing some research and found the BABY BREZZA! A machine that seems to good to be true, probably answering the dreams of many moms and dads! Here’s a quick demo!

The ultimate MOMMY hack! This machine mixes the powder and water perfectly! Plus it warms it to the perfect temperature for baby (all in seconds at the push of a button)! The big selling point for me was the ml/oz option! When using ready to feed bottles I would pour the entire (240ml) liquid into the bottle and if my son just wanted 2 oz to fall back asleep or ended up not being hungry the entire bottle would go to waste (as it cannot be stored after opening) this led to lots of waste! This is perfect because if he isn’t in need of a feeding but wants a bit of milk I can select the 2 oz option (instead of having a full 8 oz bottle)!

Price point? $200 CAD might not be the price point everyone is happy with but in the long run I think it’s worth it, not to mention if you have multiple children!

Negatives? The clean up is a little annoying but I think the design makes it as easy as it possible can be!

Overall’ this is known as the Keurig for babies! I highly recommend this (even if you are breastfeeding) and just using formula sometimes it still makes a big difference! Feeding your child is known to be one of the most stressful parts of a mother’s first year of motherhood (anything that can make things easier on yourself is in my opinion worth it)!!! If your expecting add this to your registry or ask for store vouchers to put toward buying your own!

Good luck 🙂 and feel free to leave me your comments, thoughts and mommy hacks down below!


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