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Mommy Must Haves (0-6 months)

Mommy Must Haves (0-6 months)

BeFunky Collage Let’s face it the mommy world is filled with products and as a mom to  be I was completely overwhelmed and definitely bought a lot of stuff that just wasn’t useful! So I decided to break it down and share all my favourite mommy must haves (thus far)… Do keep in mind, I’m definitely NOT a minimalistic mom and I could definitely do without a lot of this stuff but it does make life easier and keeps my little man happy 🙂 

  1. The Stroller, so recently I bought the 4MOMS origami stroller and I cannot say enough good things about it (I should be their brand ambassador) I’m always raving to anyone who will listen about how it is the holy grail of strollers… BUT, I definitely don’t regret having a travel system stroller in the beginning. A travel system stroller, allows your infant car seat to click right onto your stroller making it easy to get out and about with your new baby! It also helps to not wake your baby when your transferring into the house, the doctor office, a restaurant, a store or grandma and grandpa’s house! My one mistake was over spending on this item! I consider it a must have but try and find something affordable, since my little guy outgrew the car seat in just 4 months (he’s really tall) and I wanted to upgrade my stroller (we use the travel system stroller as a secondary stroller for my parents). I definitely recommend this item but try and find it on the cheap, (if you can find second hand, thats always an option too)! And keep in mind you’ll have to buy a new carseat at the latest when they are  8-12 months old (that’s usually when they out grow the infant one). But you can always keep the stroller without the car seat attachment well into their toddler days.

2. 4MOMs Mama IMG_1540Roo! As you can probably tell from my praise about the 4MOMS origami stroller I love the 4MOMS company! I actually have the 4moms mama roo and rock a roo although you probably don’t need both! If you can splurge on the mama roo I highly recommend it! The original and ONLY infant seat that replicates parents natural motions. Kareem absolutely loves it and has been using it since day 1! Here are some of its unique features. 5 unique motions (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, and wave), 5 speeds, 4 built-in sounds, MP3 compatible, bluetooth enabled — control motion and sound from your compatible smart device, adjustable seat recline and toy mobile with reversible, removable toy balls… If the mama roo is out of your price range I still highly recommend a baby swing or bouncer! I know Fisher price and other brands have more affordable options that parents swear by! 

3. Pack’n’play: So this was a little bit of a mistake on my part, I didn’t end up getting a pack and play for my house, just for my parents house and I regret it… After using it at their house I realize this was a much easier and practical option than buying a bassinet (which didn’t get much use and would have been the same price). A pack and play can grow with your baby so its well worth the money! Not to mention it works great as a bassinet and change table for the first few months! My parents bought a Graco one and i’m obsessed (highly recommend)!

4. Baby Bath Tub! This is definitely debatable in the mommy world, for me it’s a must have! I admit it’s a pain in the butt – a big bulky piece of plastic that is hard to store but I wanted a dedicated area to bath my baby that was specifically washed with baby safe cleaners (I just hated the idea of using the bathroom or kitchen sink) even if they were clean. Once Kareem outgrew the tub my worry also faded and now I use his regular tub with a baby insert (to help him sit up)… Some people skip the tub and just go for the insert, which makes sense as well. But either way you can find some baby tubs for as cheap as $15.00!

5.Water Wipes: Don’t get me wrong I use Huggie and Pampers wipes sometimes but I try and exclusively use Honest company and water wipes (especially for a newborn)! Water wipes are my favourite by far, the only reason I substitute is because they are only avaliable online (where I live) so that’s a tad of a pain in the ass. If I could grab them at any drug store I would never use anything else! They are the world’s purest baby wipe and you can tell and feel the difference. Kareem has never had diaper rash (I credit the wipes) they are so gentle and very moist! 


6. Philips Avent Bottles! I have every single type and brand of bottle. I really enjoyed Nuby for awhile but eventually came to realize the Philips Avent Bottles seem to be our go to! Philips has a ton of different bottles our favourite is the classic!

7. Philips Baby Sterilizer! This BPA-Free steam sterilizer is ultra fast and convenient. Its light- weight, compact design makes it ideal for use in and out of the home. Contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours if lid is unopened. Six bottles can be sterilized in 2 minutes. Fits in most microwaves as it is only 28cm wide and 16.6cm high. It has a capacity of 6 Philips AVENT Bottles so that parents can sterilize a whole day’s feed in one go. It gives you the same benefits of steam sterilization using the power of your microwave. Even for moms who like to boil bottles the old fashion way this is awesome for freshening up bottles after a long trip, or rinsing bottles after they’ve been boiled. I know people who use it to disinfect teethers and pacifiers! Definitely comes in handy.

8. Wubba Nub Pacifier! part pacifier, part adorable plush stuffed toy- the wubbanub combines the elements of comfort and soothing satisfaction for baby. Made with a soothie medical grade, latext free pacifier, non-toxic polyethylene pellets, bpa, pvc and phthalate free. The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stay cleaner, plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier and it’s hand washable or machine washable!

BONUS MUST HAVES! Face clothes, bibs and sleeper onesies! and TOYS?! I guess toys aren’t really a must haves but here’s what we’ve been loving!

uu78 Kareem absolutely loves his fisher price kick’n’play piano gym… It entertains him for hours same goes for his turtle play pin, which is perfect for tummy time! His newest addition is the Disney Nemo Jumparoo (we haven’t used it a ton yet, but I have a feeling it will become a quick favourite, I’ll be sure to keep you posted)!

Remember, I’m new at this mom thing so feel free to leave me your mommy must haves favourites and recommendation in the comments below! I love hearing from you! xoxo.


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